17 designer dressing rooms to illuminate the new season of the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan

Dressing rooms, No entry, indeed, come on gentlemen, the show is on stage! For this FuoriSalone, the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan has taken off a worn patina, now no longer in use, to dress in light, color and hope.

The project that took place right in the historic Milanese theater is called Forbidden to enter, and involves a journey into 17 worlds, small bubbles carefully designed and built by 17 architectural firms that live in the city of Milan.

Each of them had the opportunity to give new life to these non-places, which are often forgotten, bound in a “behind the scenes” dimension.

A behind that has become the front, a hidden front that has taken shape and opened the doors of the most secret and hidden places in the theater, to foster new relationships, encounters and new hospitality.

The proponents of this show are Giulia Pellegrino, known in the world of architecture, Marzia Ginocchio, director of the theater and her partner Gianmario Longoni, who welcomed the impulse to stage a fresh, innovative show that not only dressed the dressing rooms of the theater, but which brought a wave of positivity.

In line with the idea of ​​restarting, after difficult months, which have put a strain not only on our way of life, but in this case, the world of entertainment, this project happens in the right way and at the right time.

The visitor is pushed into a continuous flow that connects the 17 dressing rooms, each different from the other, immersing him in a vortex of revolutionary ideas.

Each of the architectural firms has overturned the canonical concept of “dressing room”, proposing artistic and innovative solutions, mixing styles and utopias, ranging from comfort to beauty, never predictable.

The undisputed protagonists of this journey are the materials, the tactile and visual sensations that are stimulated by the color and the surfaces, which accompany the visitor throughout the pilgrimage, investing him in the round, within the small worlds that meet along the way. .

Like a backbone, the corridor holds together small treasures that light up as its guests pass by.