Hoxton Poblenou Hotel in Barcelona. One hotel, many places

Barcelona offers a great variety of scenarios and nuances, and could not be better represented in the new Hoxton Hotel.

In the former industrial district of Poblenou, a place is born that is open to the city, by night and by day. A place that contains other places and all the colors of a sunny and enjoyable city like Barcelona.

The Hoxton was born as a hotel, or better still as an open-house, yes because it hosts not only those who stay at the facility but also all those who want to enjoy one of the many services offered.

Surely the large hall with the lively bar and the roof-top, with the swimming pool, are the two key points of the structure.

Indeed, on the top floor the city of Barcelona, ​​in the background, mixes with Mexican-inspired textures and materials that enrich the terrace, giving this place a folkloric aspect but still in line with current design trends.

On the ground floor, the Hotel as well as hosting a restaurant, with numerous possibilities, offers the city a bodega where you can buy a careful selection of local products. At least one the Cava, a sophisticated area, intended for events and vernissages.

The general language used by the designers is that of a place open to different and discontinuous flows, to different traditions and cultures and to the coexistence of ever-changing realities.

Colors and materials smell of Mediterranean flavors, a blend of light and brilliance, from local stone to soft and comfortable fabrics, passing through exotic plants that become decorative objects.

Even lighting has been given a fundamental role, highlighting it as if it were a volumetric and sculptural element, the protagonist of the space.

The atmosphere that is generated is that of a warm, welcoming, almost domestic space, to make us feel at home while traveling the world.

Photo Copyright: Hoxton Poblenou Hotel – thehoxton.com – @thehoxtonhotel

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