Il Circolino opens in Monza, where culinary art and design merge

Il Circolino has opened in Monza! In via Anita Garibaldi, at number 4, in the historic heart of the city, cuisine and design come together to give life to an innovative concept.

In line with contemporary culinary trends, from an idea of ​​Stefano Colombo and his partner Federico Grasso, a multifaceted place is born, where cafeteria, bistro and restaurant coexist within the same creative container.

Designed in the interior design by the Cierreesse studio, Il Circolino presents itself as an eclectic place, imbued with the charm of the 20-30s, it wants to recall the very concept of circlewhere in the past the game was within everyone’s reach.

The location is an extremely suggestive place, both inside and in the external garden, which boasts three hundred and fifty square meters of greenery overlooking the Lambro.

Inside, however, the atmosphere is studied in every detail, as in a theatrical setting.

The seats are upholstered in velvet, the nuances chosen vary from indigo to green and wine that color the room, while the walls co-exist with refined wallpapers and small prints depicting playing cards.

The materials that design the furnishings and lights are brass, marble, and reflective surfaces, which give light and expand the visual perception of space.

The internationally renowned barman Filippo Sisti is the mastermind behind the ribbed cocktail bar counter, who is the undisputed protagonist of this environment which, with its organic lines, represents the business card of the venue, welcoming guests and introducing them to the heart of the Circle.

If this space fulfills the functions of cafeteria and bistro, it is another environment destined to host the menu signed by the starred chef Claudio Sadler who brings with him all the innovation of his cuisine.

The menu is an emotional tale, a mirror of the memories and experiences of the entire brigade, headed by resident chef Lorenzo Sacchi.

Tradition and contemporaneity in the choice of ingredients, alongside a refined selection of beverages, curated by Maria Sainz, allow the palate to make a real journey within an environment with historical reminiscences, on whose walls the geometric intertwining of the contemporary artist Filiberto Vago.

The aim is to involve the customer, through the dishes and the design, within a unique emotional journey, thus suggesting a three hundred and sixty-degree experience.

Once again the combination of past and present is winning, merging to enhance our origins and to lead us towards a new perceptive dimension.

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