La Minervetta, the boutique hotel set among the rocks of the Amalfi Coast

If the Amalfi Coast is a daydream, both in naturalistic and gastronomic terms, there is a place where you can breathe this dream, day and night.

In Sorrento, perched on a rib overlooking the blue sea, there is a Maison where art, design and tradition co-exist to give life to a creative boutique hotel, a mirror of the place that hosts it.

Built in the 50s and then renovated, La Minervetta is a home for everyone, a bazaar, an artistic container where you can always find new objects and local traditions.

A real collector of experiences that has been redesigned following a unique aesthetic line, portrayed by the ceramics of the Amalfi Coast, with strong contrasting colors, vintage furnishings and beautiful views of the sea and the Gulf of Sorrento.

To crown the structure, entirely overlooking the sea, a Mediterranean garden nestled between the rock that houses a body of water immersed in the roots of this land.

Nothing is left to chance, every detail has been meticulously thought out and studied to tell an ever new story.

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