Sant’Ambroeus is back! The historic restaurant reopens its doors with a renewed interior design

In Milan, the historic Milanese restaurant reopens its doors which, since 1936, has been a point of reference for the inhabitants of the city, and beyond.

The re-styling project was curated by Fabrizio Casiraghi and his studio, which through meticulous attention to detail and unique stylistic research, highlights the historical peculiarities of the venue.

In fact, the objective was not to completely restore the Sant’Ambroeus but to illuminate it and make it shine again through the use of precious materials and elegant colours.

Recalling the typical atmospheres of New York in the nineties, elegance is the key concept around which the intervention revolves: stone, wood and mosaic, velvets and intense greens, historical and organic details, such as the curvilinear corners and the portals in green marble, which let’s face it, are so reminiscent of the neighbor, Portaluppi.

The iridescent shades of green enter into communion with the almost austere but at the same time warm and sophisticated atmosphere of the wood and light marbles, which underline the uniqueness of this place.

It almost looks like a mirror of the city: austere, apparently rigid, but immensely full of surprises and nuances under the surface.

Maria Canella in her book describes it as the place where “finding the secret beauty of Milan, so different from the great beauty of Rome, a beauty that is not revealed in the sumptuousness of the landscape or in the splendor of the buildings, but is kept in the unmistakable elegance and subtle charm of the Milanese ladies”.

This space, in addition to having become a point of reference, has also been a generator of new stylistic and culinary impulses that have brought the brand overseas, to Manhattan and Palm Beach, exporting the taste and tradition of Italian cuisine around the world.

The aim of this re-opening is not only to pay homage to the historic venue with a new look, in line with the stylistic trends of contemporary Milan, but to propose a new format that sees the Sant’Ambroeus, part of the SA Hospitality Group, open from breakfast to dinner, from pastries to savouries, from brioche to hamburgers and from cup coffee to the irreplaceable panettone.

that the doors of the “living room” they re-open

Photo Copyright: Sant’Ambroeus – – @santambroeus

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