The Avart boutique in Lugano gracefully designed by Studiopepe

Design and fashion combined under the same sinuous and organic shape. The two realities become a hybrid in this project curated by Studiopepe for the Avart boutique in Lugano.

A concentrate of femininity that explodes in its most sophisticated nature within a historic space, which is shaped by the two designers using soft geometries and natural tones.

The usability of the space is total, the display elements generate spontaneous flows and fluid movements.

The color, nude, takes on various facets giving light to a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere, also the result of the micro-landscapes that are recreated within the space. The materials are almost natural, woods, resins and cements, while other hard and material materials dominate the scene like imposing, silent and monumental dolmens.

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Avart’s space speaks with the spontaneous and emotional words of an exquisitely feminine world.

The surfaces of the wall elements are reflective, warm, as a reference to the human body and the color of the female complexion.

The sinuous spiral staircase, made of masonry, dominates the scene, creating a privileged backdrop for this living scenography.

To crown the scene iconic pieces of the twentieth century and others signed by Studiopepe himself, with the grace and boldness that distinguish the style of Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto.

Photo Copyright: Silvia Rivoltella – Andrea Ferrari – – @studiopepe_official

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