The Orient Express becomes a traveling boutique hotel

Train travel has never been so fascinating. Firstly because it is a train that has traveled through the history and enchanting places of our Europe, and secondly because it is a real work of art, indeed of design, on rails.

In fact, Belmond, custodian of the restoration of the famous Orient Express, is presenting a new category of glamorous Suits.

If the charm of the Bella Epoque and the past are the leitmotif in the furnishings and details of the train, the eight suites that are unveiled to the public tell of a new era for travellers.

The concept of modern comfort is combined with care and refined attention to period details, transforming these places into places of peace and harmony, a walk around Europe.

The theme that accompanies the interior design is in fact that of the landscapes that the train crosses along its route, which generate beautiful color palettes that are reflected in the fabrics and decorations: La Campagne (the countryside), Les Montagnes (the mountains ), Les Lacs (the lakes) and La Forêt (the forest).

Yellows, blues, greens and neutrals inspired by the nature of these places are the main colors of the suites, alongside precious marbles and Art Deco woods.

The details, restored and re-proposed under a contemporary light, narrate precious and refined atmospheres.

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express travels from March to November and offers an ever new experience through European cities and through the ages.

Photo Copyright: Belmond – – @vsoetrain

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