Dumpling Delivery, the online mini golf from the creators of Mailchimp

You happen to be preparing the next Objects newsletter. (if you are not among the subscribers, look here) and when the work is finished you find yourself, almost without knowing why, playing an amusing online mini golf called Dumpling Delivery. A creation of the same developers of Mailchimp.

The storyline of the game is one of those dense and challenging. During a delivery, some dumplings have been lost along the way in the city, your job is to recover them and bring them to their destination to the customer. While the structure of the gameplay is the classic one of mini golf: aim – load – release. In between there are a lot of obstacles and some bonuses to grab.

If you’re after a five-minute break every now and then, then bookmark it in your browser like I did!

Dumpling Delivery

Copyright: dumplingdelivery.mailchimp.com

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