Mejo’s puzzles, a fantastic journey with every fit

Who among us, at least once in their life, hasn’t tried their hand at solving one of the funniest and at the same time most exhausting puzzles ever invented: the jigsaw puzzle.

In these months of lockdown, we have all been severely tested, time at home, both alone and in company, never seems to pass, endless hours looking for something to do. It is precisely in the grip of this research that Studio Creta of Pordenone had the idea of ​​dusting off this game, creating Mejo, a collection of puzzles inspired by dreamlike and surrealistic architectures.

During the months of the lockdown… we became passionate about the art of the puzzle. From Monet’s paintings to landscapes, we spent whole days putting tiles together.

I study Crete

The Architetture Imagine series consists of three puzzles of 500 pieces each: Arrival, Leisure and Dream, each with a different level of difficulty.

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