Naomi Turco’s graphic and minimal dogs

Naomi Turco

A wonderful publication entitled Fifty Dogs with has just come out Graphic Lines which as a theme has the silhouettes of the main dog breeds and as a method of representation has a minimal graphic style.

The idea is that of the young illustrator Naomi Turco, co-founder of the Ost-design communication studio in Milan and the generating principle of these particular graphics is that of many distorted and unique lines which, put together in a large composition, give life to the forms of dogs.

Naomi Turco

Lines become the building blocks of an illustration and distortion the real subject of the book. Without taking anything away from dogs (and that no lover is scandalized), in this book the subjects become the means to demonstrate how a basic and essential element can be declined in infinite ways

Naomi Turco on FrizziFrizzi

A book not only for lovers of graphics or illustrations, but also for dog lovers. Each portrait is in fact also accompanied by a brief description of the breed and also some quotations.

Naomi Turco

Photo Copyright: Naomi Turco

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