The best gaming platforms to play anywhere

Gaming platforms

Growing up, approaching or exceeding the age of thirty, the space that one manages to dedicate to video games is increasingly restricted. Even those who have always appreciated them now have to deal with life, work, commitments and so on. It’s not always like this, and it certainly shouldn’t be, but for example in my case it is.

Often, if the interest in the gaming world is strong, it is still possible to cultivate this passion by staying up to date, watching the new presentations or listening/reading the excellent guys from EveryEye for example (I recommend them).

Or listening to the fantastic Podcast “Joypad” created, among others, by Matteo Bordone of Il Post.

Returning to us, an excellent alternative could be to take advantage of the little big moments of free time of the day and play precisely there, wherever you are and with whatever tool you have available.

If we leave aside the living room consoles, and even the portable ones such as Nintendo Switch, we can in fact carve out moments of gaming with the following platforms – specially designed to play on a computer or smartphone and without the need for external hardware. Excellent opportunities to re-immerse yourself in the world of video games.

Good Old Games

Epic games

Gaming platforms

Ge Force Now

Gaming platforms


Online gaming platforms

Google Stadia

Online gaming platforms

Apple Arcade

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