Azimut Design on board the first Italian floating art gallery

Contemporary design increasingly finds itself having to deal with unusual, durable and non-durable, traditional and innovative materials.

It is appropriate to say it about Azimut Design, a Venetian company that uses resin as the cornerstone of its production.

For twenty years it has been used to act as a “formwork” for objects selected with care and interest, which are immersed within this enveloping material, which can take on infinite shapes and chromatic suggestions.

Tables, furnishing accessories, shoes and art objects

It is like a material poem, which transmits emotions and synergies, all new.

As suggested by Annalisa, co-founder of the brand, Azimut is art, pure and unchallenged, which seeks to meet any type of expressive will.

Like a time capsule, the resin can encompass any material the client wants and this allowed me to get involved for the first time with the elaborate processes of immersing materials and to understand how the materials themselves responded. A world has opened up to me


Combinations and infinite possibilities ranging from design to fashion up to realities of great depth and famous names, who work in the field of international design.

Each Azimut Design product is exclusive, the result of a marriage between materials and technology.

Today Azimut is on display on the Gulet Lycian Princess, owned by Marina Rossi, an art lover, which sails on the waters of Venice until the end of August and hosts the Ice Cubes installation.

Cubes of different shapes and sizes, in resin and Murano glass (precisely the Cotisso, the waste from the production ovens) that tele-transport the passengers of the boat along a dreamlike journey, to discover new routes and new dimensions to travel.

It is precisely in the facets of these objects that the resin becomes solid and concrete suggestion.

This experiment was made possible thanks to the artistic direction of Riccardo Benedini, art curator and creator of emotions, who promoted the “Artist on board” format which will continue throughout the autumn, always hosting new artistic collaborations.

The Gulet Lycian Princess has been defined by Vogue as the first real Italian floating art gallery, and its gentle sailing is only the beginning of a long, exciting journey.

Photo Copyright: Azimut Design – – @azimut_design –

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