Design is feminine, because it looks to the future with shameless delicacy

Today’s design is the experimental and organic story of yesterday’s design, the result of numerous experiments and experiences. Illustrious names and eclectic characters have been part of this story, giving voice to their minds.

Most of the designers we know are men, but among them the name of a woman who has given an epochal turning point to this discipline certainly stands out.

Charlotte Perriand, also known as Le Corbusier’s right arm, is the portrait of a key figure in the definition of contemporary design. She traveler and connoisseur of the world, even before architecture, a versatile woman, open to discovery and contaminations of her.

A clear, unconventional voice, convinced that women too could change the world, so convinced that they were able to really demonstrate it.

Creator of numerous design pieces that we still want for our homes today, connoisseur of quirks and experimenter of materials and shapes.

The object is not neutral. There is also a relationship with man, and this must be taken into account.

Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte has focused her attention throughout her life on the human figure, as the center and beating heart of the project, of design and architecture, meeting a delicacy and boldness such as to satisfy the needs of a changing century, up to the days our.

Topless in the snow, Charlotte lets herself be photographed boldly, towards a distant, unknown horizon, never stopping, always looking for something new.

Charlotte Perriand’s photographs are on display at the M77 Gallery in Milan until 25 September.

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