Fuorisalone 2022. The sensory journey within contemporary design and eco-sustainable materials

Hectic days, Milan in turmoil, daily events and inaugurations. Fuorisalone 2022 seems to have returned to its pre-covid splendour, when the city shone and design enjoyed its streets.

This year the pertinent space of design expands, it is not limited to the central, historic districts, but moves to the suburbs in contact with the industrial realities and with the abandoned places of the city. The contemporary design and essential lines of the brands create a fruitful dialogue with the ruins, with the factories and with the ruined walls of former hospitals, former industries and former production complexes.

From Alcova, to Flos in via Orobia, from Baranzate Atelier at the former Necchi factory, passing through the historic districts, Brera, 5vie, Ventura Centrale and Tortona.

The heart of Milan beats, but also its suburbs.

The sustainability that guides the Fuorisalone as a leitmotif has been tackled in numerous forms, starting from the choice of locations up to that of materials and display methods.

Wood, paper, natural essences and plants are the protagonists of this summer edition that gives us perfumes, sensations and immersive journeys within unexplored worlds that try to mend contact with the environment.

If the design brands that we are used to knowing try to tell their products using simple, almost primitive languages, instead many smaller realities blossom which impose themselves as hybrids between design and contemporary art.

Another theme that is eviscerated is that of time, the present time and the past time which are cleaned of a dusty patina to make room for the future time.

Innovation is upon us, the lightness and organic nature of the materials become the starting points for the design of the future.

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