Some of the best smartphone gaming experiences

Video games that manage to give the player experiences similar to those we are used to playing on PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo etc. Speaking of plot depth and involvement, not so much for game dynamics.

These are those games that certainly can have an online and networked game component, but which certainly place the experience of the single-player “campaign” at the center of everything. “For the players” we could say to name one.

Here are a series of titles that over time I’ve tried, played, saved in my wish list, read or watched reviews and generally wanted to play.

Sadly I can’t say I’ve played each of them well, however this is a list that will definitely serve me well in the foreseeable future. I can’t say that I’ve already played it well at all, however I can say that I myself will treasure this list in the foreseeable future for those titles that I still miss.

Each of these is available to download on smartphones (not always for both Android and iOS unfortunately). Some titles are already a few years old, while others are much more recent. But they all promise great gaming experiences.

LIFE IS STRANGE by Square Enix

THE WOLF AMONG US or THE WALKING DEAD of the now closed Telltale games

1979 REVOLUTION by iNK Stories, N-Fusion Interactive

XCOM: ENEMY WITHIN by Firaxis Games, Feral Interactive

THE ROOM series by Fireproof Games


THIMBLEWEED PARK by Terrible Toybox

THE SILENT AGE by House on Fire, Meridian4

TO THE MOON by Freebird Games

THIS WAR OF MINE by 11 Bit Studios

MURDER IN THE ALPS by Nordcurrent


BEYOND A STEEL SKY by Revolution

Copyright photo: screenshots belonging to the game

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