The art of embroidery by Teresa Lim

Artist originally from Singapore, Teresa Lim is the author of “Sew Wanderlust”, a unique travel report made with needle and thread.

Started in 2014 to fix the memory of a sunset on a Perth beach, the project consists of small hand-embroidered canvases, in bright colours, very intricate and of exceptional refinement which, like postcards or photographs, immortalize the places visited by Lim in around the world, from Vietnam to the Maldives, from Rome to Amsterdam, and many more.

Embroidering a place instead of taking a photo makes so much of a difference. When you take a photo of a place, you don’t notice the small details. But when you draw or embroider, your eye picks out so much more detail that you wont usually notice. And after I complete a piece, I feel like I actually know the place.

Teresa Lim

Teresa Lim studied Fashion Textile Design at Lasalle College of the Arts. You have collaborated with prestigious brands such as Gucci, Changi Airport, Swarovski, among others. She lives and works in Singapore.

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