The ceramic ghosts by Lisa Agnetun

Gothenburg-based ceramist Lisa Agnetun creates tiny ceramic ghosts with infinite personalities. Unique handmade works that she sells in her online shop Ghost Ceramics GBG on Etsy.

Wearing the classic sheet, reminiscent of the agitated ghosts chasing Pac-Man, these friendly characters are made with various types of clays, fired at variable temperatures and covered with glazes ranging from neutral, glossy or opaque tones and vibrant textures.

They are very similar to people, except that high-fired pottery has the ability to outlast us all. If you treat them with respect, they will haunt you forever. […] The ghosts are the only pieces that really stay with me. They are all unique and continue to evolve along with my other works, so there is no chance I will get bored with them.

Lisa Agnetun

Photo Copyright: Lisa Agnetun –– @ghostceramicsgbg

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