The eight skin-colored crayons of All of Us

A truly original and heartfelt project born from the need to show and show oneself, created by Sabine Joseph, founder of All of Us, in contrast to the traditional Crayola boxes.

Eight skin-colored crayons in eight different shades to reproduce the human population in all its nuances.

Made with beeswax and natural pigments, the collection is entirely hand-cast and is available in three shapes: triangular, round and block.

We dream of a day when we can overcome racism, religious differences and gender differences and genuinely care for each other. All of Us is a reflection of a world where we can all live in harmony and in a state of respect for life. […] I started making crayons in my kitchen because all children deserve to be seen. They deserve to have their smiles drawn on paper, in shades true to their identity.

Sabine Joseph

Read more about Sabine’s story and the All of Us project here.

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