The mini-worlds of Kendal Murray

Australian artist Kendal Murray gives new life to everyday objects, to create cute miniature worlds.

Teapots and cups, purses, purse mirrors, old shoes, become in Murray’s hands the basis for giving shape to delightful small-scale entr’actes; each model, built with scrupulous finesse, reproduces pleasant natural landscapes populated by tiny characters, who take the viewer into a dimension of play and fantasy.

The idea of ​​creating these miniature works came from dream states and how we are able to play with our own identity, to play with different roles we take on in our dream state. So the miniature works serve as a metaphor for intuitive thoughts.

Kendall Murray

Kendal Murray was born in 1958 in Broken Hill, Australia. He holds an MA in Visual Art and currently teaches Design at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University. Since 1995 he has exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions internationally, and his miniatures are present in the permanent collections of the Powerhouse Museum, the Goulburn Regional Gallery, the Coffs Harbor Regional Gallery, the University of Western Sydney, the University of New South Wales and the Commonwealth Bank Collection. Today he lives and works in Sydney.

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