The Patricia Urquiola phenomenon

It was obvious that Patricia Urquiola’s signature was a constant in recent years, both in the world of interior design and architecture. In recent days, however, her name has gone around Milan, and around the world.

In fact, Urquiola has signed a very long list of projects and collaborations, with numerous design brands, which participated in the show. His name was everywhere, and his creativity skyrocketed.

From Flos to Cc Tapis, from De Padova to Moroso, only one constant: its organic language. Sinuous lines, never rigid, always comfortable and accommodating, as if matter won over logic.

The materials are warm, enveloping and the colors are never dull, dusty at times but pungent in other ways, comfort comes first without ever abandoning that touch of sophistication. Its vitality and creative energy shape the design.

Below are just some of the new products and projects presented by the designer for this Salone 2022.

Venus by CC Tapis

The new version, with delicate hues, of a rug that looks like a dreamlike design with soft shapes that recall femininity.

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