The Peaches collection inspired by the sensuality of curves

It might seem obvious and in some ways out of place, but this Peaches seating collection by Bohinc Studio actually has a clear and simple inspiration. The feminine curves.

The female form has always been an inspiration in art, photography and design, but often with an unrealistic eye or as a response to society’s perception of what the female body ‘should’ look like. I wanted the Peaches collection to be a pure and unabashed celebration of femininity and the female form, celebrating every curvy, voluptuous and fleshy detail.

Lara Bohinc at

Unique and handcrafted design pieces, assembled in a North London workshop that probably don’t convince everyone indiscriminately, but that certainly stand out.

Photo Copyright: Rebecca Reid

The article The Peaches collection which is inspired by the sensuality of curves comes from ObjectsMag • Magazine of contemporary culture.

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