The sofa that lived twice. Chameleon by Mario Bellini

Camaleonda is the neologism invented by the designer Mario Bellini who in the 70s revolutionized the contemporary design scenario by deciding to cross two words, apparently distant from each other, to give a specific meaning and name to his latest creation: chameleon and wave.

In fact, the first is able to adapt to the environment in which it is located and the second, the wave, indicates the sinuous curves of the earth and the landscape.

This special name tells a very long story that is still reproduced today by the skilful hand of B&B Italia.

The Camelonda is still reproduced, after fifty years, establishing itself as a unique style icon of its kind, which recalls contemporary lines and unique modularity.

The richness of this product lies precisely in its adaptability and extreme flexibility.

A tangible balance emerges between the rigorous geometry of the shapes and the roundness of the padding, which underline elasticity and the possibility of customisation, so as to make it a special seating system, synonymous with freedom of expression.

In fact, it is possible to combine the various modules, transforming them through a system of hooks that allows the seats themselves, the backrests and the armrests to be hooked and unhooked, making this project a different object every time, capable of redesigning the space.

Giving them different shapes and sizes thus allows you to transform environments and vary their functions, giving them plasticity and character.

It is not just an object but rather a real change, a revolution that starts from the needs of man to transform itself into a domestic sculpture.

Photo Copyright: B&B Italia – – @bebitalia

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