The new warm collection by Sabine Marcelis for Ikea

Last week the brand new collection for Ikea signed by Sabine Marcelis was presented in Paris, the Swedish designer who is conquering the contemporary scene with her colors and her accommodating shapes.

In addition to being the result of a beautiful encounter that combines a brand accessible to all of us, and the unique and creative design of Marcelis, it is a collection that is designed to last over time.

Varmblixt aims for timelessness and functionality

My relationship with objects began some time ago and I have a very clear idea about it: all products must respond to a function. For example, I have very few items in my house. And, of course, I have objects that remind me of friends and relatives: the people I love. So there are two reasons that bind us to things: emotion and functionality. I think it’s important, if not necessary, to design objects that are really useful. VARMBLIXT, for example, combines business with pleasure.

Sabine Marcelis

It is therefore a collection of twenty objects for the home (lamps, carpets, coffee tables and articles for the mise-en-place) which are inspired by soft lines and transparent surfaces, without abandoning the colour, which is released in the warm tones of oranges and greens.

The aim is to bring warmth and light into our domestic environments to underline the concept of warm. According to the designer, the role of light, warm in particular, is fundamental within everyday environments, as it itself becomes warmth and decor.

The collection turns its gaze towards a unique emotional dimension, expressed through the artistic and at the same time clean lines of the objects that are presented.

The Varmblixt collection will be available in Italy from February 1st, in the Milan and Rome stores, and from February 4th on the Ikea online shop.

A beautiful goal, and an important step forward for everyday design.. and it could only be Ikea to produce warmth and hospitality!

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