The bold and provocative design of Estudio Persona

Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young

Estudio Persona is the designer duo formed by Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young who favor one and only one philosophy: the person (touchè) at the center of artistic research.

Their work is thus based on the design of design objects, lights and artistic experiences, without compromise, neither with form nor with nature, expressing a sense of freedom and independence typical only of those who have full awareness of themselves and the world around them.

The feeling of freedom constantly stimulates us, and despite our age, we feel very close to the old school, in the way we produce and incorporate information. From taking 35mm photos to visiting art exhibitions, or just getting lost on foot around the city. We are aware of current trends, of new fashions, but these never define our work or our style.

Study Person

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Estudio Persona’s design is bold, bold, looking at the sinuosity of the female world and at the organic forms of the landscape of origin of the designers: Uruguay.

The soul of these objects, which are the result of a common research, always shared, evokes the natural forms of the Latin and boundless landscapes of South America and the Californian desert, making the forms concrete through the use of pure materials: woods, fabrics and metals.

Another relevant detail of the artistic research of the two designers is certainly the contemporary research of sustainability, understood above all as the use of natural materials, which perfectly embraces the genuine and fluid style of this duo.

It was almost a requirement. We couldn’t find the right pieces that satisfied us, so we started designing them ourselves.

Study Person

Photo Copyright: Estudio Persona – – @estudiopersona

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