Palazzo Monti, a residence for artists where past and present mix

In Brescia, a family palace from the 13th century has been transformed into a residence for artists.

It is a dreamlike place, with period details: frescoed ceilings and a neoclassical staircase are the undisputed protagonists of these places which have been made contemporary through timely renovations.

Purchased in the 60s by the Monti family, today the Palazzo, and its design process, is overseen by Edoardo Monti, who after a long experience in fashion between London and New York decides to return to Italy to give life to this project.

It is a format that comes from the roots of our history mixing with the approach of American museums and the all-round experiences that only art, in all its forms, is able to offer.

What better setting than a Neoclassical building?

Edoardo has given life to a multipurpose reality, a source of exchange and cultural encounters, the Palace in fact hosts artists and performers within its spaces by making rooms and ateliers available.

This not only allows the fluid vehicle of artistic experiences but also the possibility of sharing ideas and projects.

In addition to the residences, which are available to the artists for about a month, common areas are also made available, such as the kitchen and living room.

It’s really fun to experience how the building keeps changing shape and scents based on who lives there.

Edoardo Monti for Vogue

Thus experimentation and creativity are the pulsating engines of this project which is meeting with great success and a very high number of applications by artists from all over the world.

It is a creative laboratory where past and present coexist to give rise to ever new creative dynamics. Painting, photography, sculpture and design coexist under one roof, conveying a message of openness and new opportunities.

It is a young and international community of artists and designers who come from all over the world to spend a month of carefree creation in a beautiful city.

Edoardo Monti for AD Italy

Today Palazzo Monti hosts the exhibition of Andrea Bocca, curated by Edoardo, in collaboration with Lisa Andreani, which focuses on immersion in an audio-visual installation and some structures that investigate the relationship between space and objects who live it.

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