Gaetano Pesce and his personal exhibition in Los Angeles

Rigidity prevents a free life.

Cajetan Fish

Gaetano Pesce is an artist, an alchemist, an enterprising human being who deals with many materials and many realities to make his art, and his objects, small worlds apart.

It is with these fragments of art that he lands in Los Angeles with his personal exhibition Dear Future, in the Hollywood Hills. The exhibition presents a very large selection of objects created by the artist between 1969 and 2022.

It is in the title of the exhibition that it is possible to understand Pesce’s thought: he defines the future as a method of convincing us all, of not feeling like “numbers” but of individuals, different and rare, who are worth discovering.

Remove those who tend to tell the world that it is now homogeneous, I hope this never happens.

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The most important message that Gaetano Pesce’s art wants to underline is the beauty and joy of life, in its entirety, with its infinite facets. What the exhibition brings with it is optimism, towards the present and above all towards the future.

This is the whole of Pesce’s artistic research, with his colours, his playful shapes, his ceramic and transparent materials: his is an infinite desire for experimentation.

For the artist, reality is soft, changeable, never still.

Nothing is labeled and it is not true that nothing can change, materials, colours, sensations and even people can change.

Pesce’s is a positivistic vision, not at all centralizing but rather open minded towards the universe and its laws, so much so that he also considers the error, inherent in all of us, as an opportunity to reflect on the weaknesses and on the fact that we are human.

Mistakes become an opportunity to learn, to try to do better without repeating themselves, and even a line of objects is born from this conception Nobody’s Perfect, which plays right on the very fruit of the error.

Pesce, in his creative originality, demonstrates a profound humanity and the infinite ability to appreciate life, and its fellow human beings, for what they are, without changing them but rather accepting them, working on a process of improvement that conveys a precious message for us all Today.

Photo Copyright: Rich Stapleton – @rvstapleton – – @gaetano.pesce

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