Sokolova’s GUTTA series, glass that captures movement

Glass is a fascinating material, capable of assuming many different shapes and textures thanks to its particular nature.

Glass is often said to be a “slow-moving liquid” because it lacks the molecular structure of true solids, this characteristic makes it a very versatile medium for creating artistic objects, and Kateryna Sokolova, Ukrainian designer, knows it well.

Through the sinuous shape of the vases, I wanted to convey the mysterious power of nature and a sense of rhythm.

Kateryna Sokolova

Sokolova’s works are inspired by the tradition of glassblowing in Ukraine, but at the same time represent a modern reinterpretation of this technique.

The vases and carafes of the GUTTA series, exhibited at the Collectible contemporary design fair in Brussels, are the perfect example of how the natural malleability of glass can be exploited to create shapes that appear to be “frozen in motion”. Thanks to the mastery of the Lviv craftsmen who collaborate with Sokolova, these pieces acquire a historical dimension that makes them even more interesting.

The GUTTA series, with its elegance and delicacy, brings to mind drops of water which, precariously balanced on the edge of a table or a branch, seem to be ready to slip away at any moment.

This feeling of suspended time, of a moment that seems to last forever, is the common thread that unites all of Sokolova’s works.

Each piece seems to capture a fleeting moment, an instant of beauty that might have otherwise been missed.

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