Number twenty. In Florence, Palazzo Galli Tasselli is the creative container of an artists’ residence

It is in the city that was the cradle of the Renaissance that Numeroventi stands inside Palazzo Galli Tassi. A multifunctional reality, with a thousand facets, a hotel, a residence for artists, an art gallery and a permanent collection that brings a breath of fresh air to the city.

Numeroventi has existed in Florence since 2016, but it is only after the pandemic that this place, a collector of many places, is a real point of reference for the artistic culture in the city.

It is a place with a thousand faces, open to the public and guests for events and meetings, for artistic performances and for projects of various kinds.

The most interesting aspect is the enhancement of art and research, of the traditions of our territory and of our culture.

The aim was to create a place of interdisciplinary exchange between international artists with local ones and with the city.

The heart of the project lies in the desire to create an exchange between different realities within the city, touching its oldest, most artistic and artisanal soul, going back in time to the residences for artists and the sensorial work of its users.

Today’s artists can meet those of the past, they can live in the building and discuss with other professionals to always keep alive that glimmer of light that belongs to our past and why not also our future.

The container is a frescoed sixteenth-century bubble, accessible from a Neoclassical staircase that leads to the residences, material and bright, in contrast with the color pigments of the frescoes on the walls.

The furnishings are Scandinavian in style, with soft and contrasting lines, which lighten the environment and give it freshness.

Martino di Napoli Rampolla, Andrew Trotter and Alessandro Modestino Ricciardelli have created a place to share and above all to live in Palazzo Galli Tassi, in contact with art in all its forms.

Numeroventi is also the ideal place for photo shoots, events, exhibitions and workshops, immersed in a place with a glorious past that comes back to life in the contemporary world.

Photo Copyright: Numeroventi – – @number twenty

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