13.10 a multisensory experience a few km from Milan

In Oreno, a hamlet of Vimercate, 13.10, the brand new restaurant designed by Serena Confalonieri, is located inside a courtyard with a domestic flavour.

The designer, famous for her collaborations with prestigious contemporary design companies, experimented with interior design for the first time by proposing an innovative concept for a boutique restaurant for 25 seats, which combines the eclectic style of the project with the gastronomic philosophy of chef Marcello Passoni.

The watchword is Km0 and the influences are countless: different traditions and cultures mix within the highly sought-after dishes proposed by the chef and his team.

The world thus becomes the ideal canvas for experimenting with the colors and scents of the 13.10 kitchen.

The designer and art director Serena Confalonieri together with the chef Marcello Passoni – Photo: Matteo Imbriani

Among the needs there was primarily the desire to transport guests into a domestic dimension, made up of colored curtains, fabric lamps and warm coverings.

The interior settings, warm and convivial, are characterized by bright but natural colors that recall the ingredients used in the kitchen: eclectic and lively patterns, bright colours, refined furnishing objects and custom-made pieces.

There are many partners involved: Florim for the ceramic coverings, Servomuto and MM Lampadari for the lamps, Fratelli Levaggi for the seats, Wall&Deco and Ceramica Cielo for the bathrooms, fabrics and refined finishes by L’Opificio, the colored carpet is by Besana Carpet Lab and the sculpture table in the first room is by Medolum.

Serena and Marcello’s goal is to revolutionize the restaurant concept by providing an optimistic and colorful vision of how “dinner out” can become a unique moment, made of sensations and emotions resulting from the encounter between cultures and creativity.

Photo Copyright: Matteo Imbriani – matteoimbriani.com – Cora Pr – cora-pr.com – 1310cucinanomade.it

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