Seungjin Yang and the surprising “Blowing Series” furniture collection

Seungjin Yang

Seungjin Yang, a talented South Korean artist and designer, has created an extraordinary furniture collection called “Blowing Series”. This series presents chairs and stools created with an innovative technique that combines the use of balloons and epoxy resin, challenging the conventions of traditional design and offering a unique visual and emotional experience.

The process of creating the “Blowing Series” pieces begins with Yang blowing several balloons and molding them into desired shapes and textures. Next, the balloons are taped together and coated with a layer of epoxy resin. This process is repeated several times until a solid and stable structure is obtained. Finally, the balloons are deflated and removed, leaving behind a resin sculpture that maintains the shape and look of the original balloons.

Seungjin Yang is known for his constant search for new materials and techniques to explore possibilities in design. With the “Blowing Series,” Yang demonstrates his commitment to challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of traditional design.

Through his unique technique and immersive aesthetics, Yang manages to create works of art that are both functional and captivating.

Photo Copyright: Seungjin Yang – – @seungjin_yang_

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