The splendid toys for adults and children of Playforever

Playforever is a British company founded in 2005 that produces high quality metal toys inspired by the designs of the 60s and 70s. Their product line includes cars, planes, and other vehicles, all made with durable materials and high-quality finishes.

The beauty of Playforever toys certainly comes from the perfect lines of its designers, but also in the attention to detail and in the choice of resistant materials such as die-cast aluminum and painted metal.

In addition to being games for children to all intents and purposes, with all the necessary certifications and insurances, the Playforever lines of metal games are particularly appreciated by adults with a passion for design and collecting.

The toy cars for example.

Thanks to the sinuous and clean lines inspired by the classic models of the 60s, these toy cars are in fact real art objects capable of capturing attention and making a difference on any home and non-household shelf.

Photo Copyright: Playforever – – @playforever

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