Four apartments at Fuorisalone 2023. The house as a new exhibition format

At the Fuorisalone this year, among the various realities that embellish the city of Milan (here the official guide of Objects.), a new format seems to make its way: the domestic space becomes a privileged and welcoming background for the exhibition and the setting up of art, design and new products.

We have selected five installations that develop inside five apartments in the city that are open to the public to enter their most intimate spaces.

1. House SEM

Inside a historic Milanese residence, Motta Architecture in collaboration with SEM and other designers, including Elisa Ossino, opens the doors of a project born with the idea of ​​staging the domestic space using dusty and welcoming nuances.

The project highlights a sophisticated, raw aesthetic, the result of craftsmanship.

Elegance and taste for refined details and materials are the protagonists of this apartment with period details. Together with Giuseppina Motta, the designers who participated in the creation of the installation are Hannes Peer, Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi, Marcante-Testa, Vormen, Giacomo Moor, Elisa Ossino, Zaven and Maya Leoroy.

2. Ornella Nomad House

In the 5 via district Maria Vittoria Paggini inaugurates her Milanese home, opening it to the public, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in an eclectic, colorful and irrepressible universe.

The private house and the exhibition space merge by showcasing objects, styles and art installations.

Maria Vittoria opens its doors to emerging artists and innovative brands which, side by side, create a colorful and evocative vortex. Among the artists Nicolas Denino, Gouache, Sergio Fiorentino, Tatiana Brodatch, Andreas Senoner and Filippo Salerni.

3. Artemest’s Apartment

Artemest presents L’Appartamento, an interior design project that brings together six prestigious interior design studios in a 1930s home to celebrate Italian craftsmanship.

This project brings together different points of view and numerous perspectives, from art to design, to mix changing creative approaches and different environments.

Six are the designers, six are the rooms, each furnished following the leitmotif of uniqueness and Italian doing. Upon entering, the entrance is by T.ZED Architects, the living room is by Kingston Lafferty Design, the dining room by Nina Magon, the bedroom by Styled Habitat and the study and corridor by Anne-Sophie Pailleret.

4. Onset by Lupettatelier with Azimut Design

Lupettatelier opens the doors of his apartment on the first floor of via Lupetta. In collaboration with Riccardo Benedini, art curator, and Azimut Design, an innovative concept is born inspired by sunlight and transparent design.

Light is the protagonist of the space and comes in different shades that start from a condition of apparent darkness up to the culmination of the emergence of natural light inside a yellow fabric alcove.

The resin furnishings by Azimut Design accompany the visitor along the entire route, while other brands burst onto the scene like singular events: Sirecom Carpets with the custom-made carpet, CELO1 with the mirror-work of art, Laboratorio by Maurizio Bergo presents its collection of glass and marble vases, Gouache decorates the ceiling with gold leaf and Italo Villa creates the textile scenography.

Photo Copyright in order of apartment: @sem_milano – @mariavittoriapaggini – @artemest – @lupectatelier

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