Myths and truths about orthodontics

If you are about to start a treatment orthodontics, or you are thinking about it, it is likely that you have many doubts about it, since there are many comments and experiences that are discussed. The truth is that in many cases, this information is false or has been distorted over time.

Therefore, if you have doubts and want to have some updated information, below we will talk about some of the myths and truths about existing orthodontics to clarify you.

Myths about braces

One of the aspects that produce the most unknowns are the bracesthose wire structures that are installed on your teeth, being adjusted with garters to straighten the bad position of your teeth.

There is a widespread belief that these devices inflict great pain to the point that they can be considered torture. What is true about this?

Do braces cause pain?

the braces do not produce pain. The sensation that is felt when the brackets are installed is of pressure, this is due to the force that these devices exert on the teeth to correct their position. This pressure is not painful and it is normal for it to disappear on the second or third day after the installation or adjustment of the brackets.

Another widespread belief is that because the braces They are made of wire, they can cause injuries or break the soft tissues of the mouth such as the tongue, lips or gums.

These accidents are very rare, if some metal brackets break, it is most likely due to lack of maintenance. You must keep in mind that orthodontic treatment is carried out over time, as they require permanent revisions and adjustments, people who stop going to the control consultation can cause their brackets to wear out and they do not realize it.

What happens more frequently is that the rubbing of the brackets with the soft tissues can cause small sores. This occurs more frequently with sapphire bracesand in the case of language, with the lingual braces. The best way to prevent this situation is by using a special orthodontic wax that reduces friction. Your orthodontist can surely tell you how to use it.

Does orthodontics cause cavities?

False, before starting orthodontic treatment you should do a complete review of your teeth and address any necessary treatment so that they are in the best condition.

After starting the treatment you must maintain a correct oral hygiene to prevent food debris from getting caught in the appliances. If you follow the dentist’s recommendations and regularly attend check-ups, no injury should occur to your mouth during bracket treatment.

With braces I look like Frankenstein

False, there are more and more alternatives to perform aesthetic orthodontic treatments. Now the lingual bracesinvisalign and the sapphire brackets they are more aesthetic. These devices will prevent you from having a wired smile if this is what worries you.

So now you know, most of the negative information you’ve heard about orthodontic treatment is the product of misrepresentation.

Orthodontics has evolved a lot to offer you a good result in a short time, at very good prices and without inconveniences or unwanted side effects in your mouth.

You just have to turn to your trusted dentist. We in Alvaro and Franco Dental We will be happy to receive you to study your case.

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