The importance of professional dental cleaning

Prevention is the best way to avoid oral diseases. Among the best preventive strategies in terms of dental health is the review and early elimination of the agents that cause pathologies in the mouth. One of the best ways to do this is through a professional dental cleaning.

Next, we explain the importance of a professional oral cleaning and how it helps you to have a life without dental problems.

When and why to perform a dental cleaning?

If you only go to the dentist when a tooth hurts, or you feel some discomfort, I must tell you that you are doing it wrong.

Of course, in the face of pain, you must go to the consultation, but it is not the only occasion. It is best to do it periodically, at least twice a year.

At that time, the specialist can detect any problem that is being caused in time and correct it before it becomes a disease.

In at least one of those two annual periodic reviews, it is recommended that you have a professional oral cleaning.

Why should you do this if you perform proper hygiene? Very simple, no matter how good your brushing technique is, and even if you use the Dental Flossit is impossible that you can avoid the accumulation of bacterial plaque around the tooth and periodontium.

This situation is cumulative and over time is the cause of many problems. Among the most important, gingivitis and periodontitis are diseases of the periodontium that can cause pain, bleeding, bad breath and even the loss of teeth.

Furthermore, during dental cleaning it is possible that the dentist can detect cavities that are found in areas that are difficult to access. This is thanks to an instrument called a scanner, and they are usually found during a cleaning procedure.

Also, with the use of special toothpaste and dental tools used to polish the teeth, the dentist can remove stains on the tooth enamel. This prevents you from having to resort to whitening treatments due to excessive pigmentation of your teeth.

For all these reasons, the most advisable thing is that you perform an oral cleaning in the hands of your trusted specialistperiodically, at least once a year.

What is dental cleaning?

There are several techniques to perform this procedure. The most basic way, but one that is very efficient, consists in the use of explorers and mirrors. With the former, mechanical traction is applied to bacterial plaque deposits until they are completely removed.

Then we proceed to polish the enamel by using professional toothpaste and with a handpiece to which special polishing pieces are installed.

The traditional procedure can cause a little discomfort in patients, although in severe cases of plaque the use of this technique is essential.

There is also ultrasonic equipment that applied to the denture helps to eliminate the most superficial bacterial plaque. If you maintain good oral hygiene and visit the dentist periodically, this technique may be enough to do oral cleaning, completely free of discomfort in your mouth.

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