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Are you going to get a dental implant? Surely when your dentist proposed it to you, several questions crossed your mind. That is why we have prepared this post so that you know everything about dental implants and which one you need.

First of all, you should know that placing an implant is a common process and a very effective alternative to replace a tooth that has been lost. Implants are one of the most revolutionary techniques in dentistry. Thanks to it, the new artificial dental piece fulfills exactly the same function as a natural one.

The mouth is a delicate area, the lack of a tooth can affect our aesthetics and our social life, but it can also have an impact on our general health, which is why it is of the utmost importance not to miss the possibility of an implant due to the lack of a tooth. dental.

What is a dental implant?

The implants simulate a artificial root composed of biocompatible titanium that is screwed to the maxillofacial bone through an osseointegration process and it is where the new tooth will settle. Once the union is achieved, the pillar and then the crown that simulates the dental piece.

However, on occasion, whether due to accidents or other injuries, some patients lose a large amount of bone and are not suitable for an implant. Therefore, it is first necessary to rebuild the bone using a bone regeneration technique that involves placing a bone graft and which will be the basis for the future implant.

Advantages of dental implants

In the face of the loss of one or several dental pieces, one of the options that the dentist can consider is the dental implant, the fixed prosthesis or the removable prosthesis. However, implants offer a number of advantages over the other two alternatives.

First of all, the implant can be placed in any patient who does not have a bone disease or who undergoes a treatment with medication that may affect the procedure. In addition, since it does not involve carving or adapting the closest teeth, there are no collateral or subsequent injuries.

Best of all, the implant prevents chewing problems or the teeth from moving to cover the gap produced by the missing piece, but mainly, it prevents the loss of thickness and height of the bone that is caused when it is not there is a tooth that generates the stimulus when chewing.

What type of implant is best for me?

There are basically two types of implants. Basal implants and zygomatic implants.

The basal implants are those fixed in the basal bone. This is of a dense structure and they are the part of the upper and lower jaws that does not disappear. Therefore, they provide security when intervening and placing the titanium root. This type of implant is indicated for those patients who have lost part of the bone structure or its density has been compromised.

For their part, the zygomatic implants They are those that are fixed in the bone of the same name that is located next to the cheeks. This type of implant is reserved for rebuilding teeth in the upper arch.

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