Derrick Lin’s miniature skits

Taiwanese-born, Seattle-based photographer Derrick Lin uses nothing more than an iPhone, the light of a desk lamp, office supplies, and a myriad of miniatures to recreate delightful little-format skits.

Arranged with great attention to detail, and on a very small surface, no bigger than an A4 sheet, Lin’s dioramas depict, with a pinch of subtle and pungent irony, moments of daily life, leisure and work, and have been collected in a volume entitled “WORK, Figuratively Speaking” published by Rizzoli.

In addition to humor and whimsy, I started to pay more attention to topics around loneliness, mental health, and kindness. I strive to depict and spotlight on the kind of thoughts we typically reserve for ourselves. My photography loosely reflects what I personally experience and what I see around me. What continues to amaze me is the messages I receive from my followers about how my little project resonates with them and brings them joy and calmness.

Derrick Lin

Photo Copyright: Derrick Lin – @marsder

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