Yoshiaki Ito’s wooden toys

Brooklyn-based designer and craftsman Yoshiaki Ito has created an astonishing collection of wooden toys called “Morphit” that currently includes a giraffe, monkey, pig, hippopotamus and tiger.

These toys are made up of slender pieces of beech wood connected by bungee cords which makes them very flexible and fun. Initially, these little animals are packaged in cubes inside a box which when opened transforms into a lively, colorful creature.

Morphits® are at home everywhere: from your desk at work to your coffee table, to your collection of clever children’s toys. They’re toys, but they’re also puzzles, and folding a Morphits® into its box can be a real challenge.

yoshiakiito. com

If you’re interested in exploring the designer’s work further, you can find more of his projects on his website and Instagram page.

Photo Copyright: Yoshiaki Ito – yoshiakiito.com – @yoshiaki.ito.design

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