5 advices for the trip to Back to school


Back to school can be very tough, even after bad holidays. For what to return after the summer vacations, it is even more difficult. Going back to college implies experiencing many of the emotions encountered. Some children may be excited to see their peers again, while others may get fired up by anxiety. Here’s to summarle and it’s possible to start working in a completely new school. Discover 5 tips for the vuelta al cole.

5 Advice for the trip to Back to school

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It is necessary to try to resume the usual sweating routines. At least a week before the trip to the coleta, it is time to try to return to the normal nocturnal routine. Get to bed at the time you normally go to bed when there is school the next day and set the alarm at the time you have to get up. In this way, both your patrons de sueño and los de tus hijos will be prepared to return to the collar. On the contrary, that first day of return could be really hard!

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Get ready

Make sure that everything is listed the previous night. Prepare your backpack, lunch and school uniform. Get up early on this first day, because the routine can go out as expected and it’s better to go with plenty of time than arriving late.

New course, new comienzo

Remember that this is a new course and, therefore, a new beginning. If it was the last year on the best days, now is the time to start new. Do you want to withdraw better notes? Why don’t you appoint yourself to some recovery academy or dedicate more time to the deberes? If you want to join an academy or form part of a team, take the leap and participate. Make the most of this new comienzo and, if you need help or support, speak with a teacher or with your priests.

Life is a book, every day is a new page, every month is a new chapter, every year is a new series

speak with someone

If you are anxious to return to school, it is important that you know someone. You are not alone and sharing your anxieties with someone can be of great help. Talking with a friend can help relieve your anxiety, and you’ll know how many people feel when starting a new school course. If you are concerned about school harassment, speak with your parents or with a trusted teacher. In this way, they will be on top of the situation before they start the school course and can help.

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See yourself

All the students of the school have a new course and all will experience some type of emotions and changes. Remember that the most important thing is to be yourself. You are the only one, nothing more can be you!

«Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to convert you into something else is the greatest achievement». Ralph Waldo Emerson


Back to school is never going to be easy, but there are millions of children who feel exactly the same. The first day is always the hardest, but if you follow our 5 advice for the high school tour and overcome it, it should be easier as the days go by. If you need help or support, talk to someone you trust.