5 nail polish colors to achieve the trending manicure

nail polish colors

5 nail polish colors to achieve the trending manicure of María Pombo or Chiara Ferragni. Whether you are getting married or have been invited to a wedding, a manicure is one of the most important beauty decisions. These are the most beautiful nail polish colors that influencers wear, ideal to show off elegant and trendy hands.

5 nail polish colors to achieve the trending manicure of María Pombo or Chiara Ferragni

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In the world of manicure there is nothing written and nail art does not stop reinventing itself. Of course, it also attends to the trends of the moment and, in this sense, the influencers allow us to know what is in fashion. For this reason, looking at them, we have prepared this selection of the most successful nail polish colors. Because a perfect and fashionable manicure rounds off any style, don’t forget it!

What color nail polish is in fashion

Looking ahead to Spring/Summer 2022, manicures will be tinted in pastel tones and vitamin colors . They will also surrender to pinks , like the famous French Pink, and to neutral colors . And, of course, red is an infallible classic and the most desired by influencers and celebrities. In fact, Valentino Red is one of the shades most demanded by brides for their walk down the aisle and by many guests. But he’s not the only one! And it is that they also take from the most classic nude to a color as intense and powerful as fuchsia . The best? That these nail polish colors look good on both short and long nails. 

Join us and discover from the hand of these influencers the 5 nail colors that you cannot miss if you want to go to the latest and show off beautiful, elegant and impeccable hands. There are for all tastes, so whether you love bright colors or if you are a fan of the most discreet manicure, you will surely find the perfect option for you. Discover it now and get hold of it at the click of a button!

1. Pink nail polish

It has become the most desired manicure after María Pombo has made it viral on Instagram. French Pink is an almost nude pink, very bright and super versatile. This sophisticated and classy manicure gives the hands a very youthful and elegant touch. And it is perfect to decorate with some minimalist detail. Another point in its favor is that the growth of the nail is not noticeable at all, so you can wear it without problems for several weeks. For example, to your honeymoon!

2. Pearl white nail polish

In fashion everything returns and in the world of beauty too. Who was going to tell you that the pearly manicure of 2000, in all its shades, was going to come back and with such force? Of all the colors, pearl white with an iridescent effect will be the most desired in all spring and summer events of the current year. But also pink and even the tile tone. And it is that pearly tones invade Instagram as the retro trend that will sweep among influencers, as Carla Hinojosa demonstrates . How to get these trendy nail colors? Firms like OPI have launched their nail polishes with a pearl finish and they are divine. So don’t wait any longer and choose yours.

3. Metallic colors for nails (with or without shimmer)

Metallic nail color has become the trend of the season in both fashion and beauty. And yes, shimmer is now being carried beyond Christmas as well. Flashy manicures with an extravagant touch, in colors like silver or gold, are one of the micro-trends of the moment. Jennifer López has already signed up and now it’s your turn. In love with these metallic nail paints?

4. Fuchsia nail polish

Fuchsia has become the fashionable color and we see it everywhere. In fact, the pink obsession floods the shops and also the world of nail art. Very feminine and vibrant, it is especially flattering… and Chiara Ferragni knows it! Furthermore, fuchsia is an ideal alternative to red and has a powerful rejuvenating effect. So take good note because it is one of the trending nail colors.

5. Pastel nail polish

Baby blue, blush pink, peach, vanilla yellow, soft green, Very Peri lilac –designated by the Pantone Color Institute as the Color of the Year 2022–… If you want your hands to scream trend this season, bet without hesitation on the pastel colors. Laura Escanes is one of the influencers addicted to pastel nail trends…and she wears them all! And it is not surprising, since they are as feminine as they are pretty and delicate. Do you already know which pastel colored nails you will choose for the “yes, I do” or for that important celebration to which you have been invited?

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