The institute, a key stage in the orientation of each one. New subjects, great friendships, high school, future orientation… Factors of joy, of success but also of stress, sometimes. In fact, all of this can sometimes be difficult for high school students to manage. They may feel overwhelmed by their studies or have difficulty finding calm and focus in their daily lives. But this year, high school is all about good time management!

Learning to manage your time as a high school student allows you to study and carry out your activities with less stress. Here are some tips to manage your time effectively and make the most of your time and that of your loved ones.

1. Take stock of time

Try to determine first of all, the time you should dedicate to each activity. Having a calendar and putting this information in writing will help you manage your time better. In addition, managing the time of sports, extracurricular activities, appointments or exams also helps to assume responsibilities.

Determine how much time you need and when you need it. Make a list of tasks or activities, including time to enjoy with friends and rest.

Here are some questions that will help create the list:

  • Beyond classes and homework, what else do I want to spend my time on each day?
  • Do sports training or club meetings take place every day or every week?
  • How much time do I want to spend with my friends outside of school or after school activities?

2. Plan time for your tasks and rest

Once the list is drawn up, it moves on to the calendar phase, ideally weekly or monthly. If your daily routine remains the same, determine the time needed to study and do homework.

You should also think about leaving some free time. The planning of the other tasks will make it easier to see the time available to go out with friends, rest and relax. Having free time is obviously very important during the relatively busy period of high school.

3. Take action!

Your teen’s schedule is set. So support him in his studies and responsibilities by helping him stay focused. This way, he can spend time having fun and relaxing without feeling guilty. You can install a Time Timer Mod on the desk where your teenager usually studies. It will help you stick to his schedule. To have a Time Timer always at hand, there is also the practical and customizable Time Timer clock. It is available in small and large version.

The Time Timer mod and the mountains Time Timer

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Time Timer Mod: The little one of the Time Timer family. Ideal for becoming aware of time. Delivered with a charcoal-colored silicone case (other colors available) Very practical for traveling and transporting it from home to school thanks to its compact size.

Two models of Time Timer Clock the small model and the large model: The Time Timer clock allows you to have a timer always on top and much more. It offers 3 modes: alarm, clock and timer. The time can be displayed in 12 or 24 hour format with analog and digital indication. 2 timer options: standard 60 minutes or custom 1 minute to 99 hours. The alert can be set to sound, vibration, both, or no alert. A backlight option. Light gray color with the option to change the strap for a Caribbean blue or orange (sold separately).

Novelty: For those who can’t wear a watch, you also have the option of taking it anywhere with the Time Timer watch keychain (sold separately).

The Time Timer watch resists splashes of water, such as hand washing, dishwashing, (light) rain and perspiration. It is not suitable for showering, bathing and/or swimming.

4. Be flexible!

One very important thing to remember is that not everything will always go exactly as planned. As your teen progresses through the school year, he’ll learn how long certain tasks take and how long he has to study for certain subjects. Adjusting their schedule to reflect this new information will continue to sharpen their time management skills, allowing them to be calmer and more focused throughout high school and beyond.

5. Avoid distractions

Avoiding distractions and multitasking allows for better time management. For example:

  • Eliminate visual distractions from your workspace.
  • Close tabs and programs that are not useful on your computer. With the same idea, take out only the necessary material to carry out the task at hand: pen, ruler, notebook, etc.
  • Muffle surrounding noise with, for example, noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Communicate when you are studying, so that they respect your work time and do not distract you.

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6. Sleep well and the necessary hours

When we talk about time management, we also think about our hours of sleep. Sleeping less to try to fit all the tasks and activities in one day is not good. This means that you will have to adapt your schedule and set hours that you cannot exceed to do your homework, leisure activities, go to bed…

High school can be both a positive and a difficult experience for teens. Learning to manage your time, make adjustments and improve your methods can help you through these busy times. And always remember to help your child find time in his day for the things that make him happy. Finding a balance will make the unforeseen more manageable and accepting and will promote a more enjoyable educational experience.

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