Can dogs eat popcorn?

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn
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Can dogs eat popcorn? A night on the sofa, watching movies and sharing popcorn is one of those “little pleasures” that life offers us and that we love to share with those we love. So it’s totally normal for you to wonder if you can do it with your best friend and if dogs can eat popcorn, especially when he looks at you with that “begging” face every time you open the envelope, right?

However, in this AnimalWised article we will explain why dogs cannot eat popcorn and what consequences excessive consumption can have on their health. Keep reading!

Popcorn, popcorn, pipocas, popcorn or however you know them in your country, are a common food among human beings. 

We eat them at all times, at parties, while watching a movie,
football match, television series or as a simple craving. 

It is inevitable that our dog does not want to try a little, because they smell and see them all the time in most Mexican homes. 

But before answering if popcorn is good for your pet.

Is corn good for dogs?

Corn is native to the American continent and is one of the three most cultivated cereals, as well as consumed in the world. 

Many properties are attributed to this food that have helped human beings to improve their nutrition. They contain vitamins, minerals, in addition to being a source of fats, carbohydrates and antioxidants.

Although they provide great benefits for humans, it has always been discussed whether corn is vital for dogs. 

Foodstuffs are all in favor of this food, but according to Dog Food Advisor , there are three reasons why corn isn’t necessary for dogs:

  • Corn has a high glycemic index, which helps pets develop problems like diabetes. 
  • It is highly likely that corn is the cause of most food allergies in dogs.
  • Corn is difficult to digest, which is why many kibbles that contain this food process this food into flour. This process causes the croquettes to have a higher glycemic index.
  • Contains low protein value compared to meat.
  • It has a low content of vitamins and minerals if it is packaged in croquettes compared to other cereals.

What is the difference between popcorn and corn? 

Popcorn comes from a variety called “palomero or reventón”. Which have the peculiarity is the burst at high temperatures. In this sense, they retain some of the properties that we described above. However, they may contain fewer calories than an ear of corn. 

How good is it for your dog to eat popcorn? 

We have already seen that popcorn is not necessary for feeding a dog, since corn is a food that contains few nutrients. However, they are not toxic, and can be eaten in small quantities. It should only be borne in mind that no condiments or oils, sugar, salt or spices should be added.

In short, although they are not harmful food, they can be an occasional treat for your pet.

Can my dog ​​eat buttered popcorn?

No, we already said that fat and carbohydrates in your dog can cause obesity, diabetes, etc. If you are going to make some popcorn for your dog, it will need to be self-cooked without any additional seasoning or oil.

How to prepare some popcorn for my dog? 

Add popcorn in a pot, saucepan, etc. (Remember not to add any seasoning, salt, sugar, oil or spice). 

Wait for them to start popping and you’ll have some popcorn ready for your pet.

Before feeding it with the crispetas, separate the softest ones and remove the grains that did not burst, because their teeth can be damaged. 

If you want you can spread a little peanut or peanut butter
(Here you have an article to prepare it) so that they have a better flavor. 

Is popcorn good for dogs?

Popcorn is not a suitable food for dogs since it does not offer any beneficial nutrients for your body. In fact, when we consider incorporating new foods into your diet, we must consider whether or not they are part of your nutritional requirements, such as quality proteins, fats and, to a lesser extent, fiber, minerals or vitamins [ 1] .

Other foods, such as potato chips, can also be compared to popcorn, offering more calories and empty fat than nutrients. Does that mean we shouldn’t offer French fries to our dogs? Not necessarily, since occasionally they can eat one or two, but the ideal is to replace them with boiled potatoes, although always offering them in moderation, since they are not part of the basis of their diet.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Here’s What Veterinarians Have to Say

Dogs are without a doubt the best companions to watch movies . They know how to snuggle,
they don’t tell you the ending, they don’t interrupt, they don’t take out their cell phone (although now that the first one for dogs comes out we don’t know what will happen), they let you hug them if the movie scares you and they don’t judge you if you cry.

We know that many of us find it impossible to sit down to watch a movie without eating popcorn,  but we cannot with that face of tenderness and desperation that  our dog makes us begging for a popcorn. Is it safe to give them?  Yes but few. 

The rule is that they must be without salt, without butter and nothing in excess, everything with measure.  That is, give him 5 or 6 popcorn but don’t give him a bag of popcorn.  Also be careful that they don’t eat unpopped pimples ,
as they can get stuck in their teeth or give them diarrhea if swallowed. Also, there have been reported cases of very small dogs choking on such popcorn kernels that did not achieve their dream of being popcorn.Embedded from Getty Images

In general , popcorn does not represent a threat to dogs but it is a carbohydrate  and in excess or if you give it too often,  your dog can gain weight  and this is not recommended.

Take care that the popcorn you give him is natural , condiments such as salt, butter, chili or caramel do harm dogs and can cause them from diarrhea, vomiting to more serious allergic reactions.

Now you know,  invite your dog to the couch and catch up on the movies  you haven’t seen because award season has already begun.

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  • Many pets do not like popcorn, especially if it does not have any flavor,
    so it is not necessary to consume it.
  • Remember that treats, like popcorn, should be less than 10% of the amount of food you eat in a day.