Colors that begin with “o” in Spanish

Colors that begin with

Begin with “o”, If you wonder what color begins with “o” in Spanish, here we provide you with a list of the few “official” names of colors that begin with that letter. With these names you will not get stuck in a game of “Enough” or “Scattergories” if they ask you for colors with “o”.

Also note that the name “ochre” is accompanied by nuances such as “golden”, “brown” or “red”. Also the color “gold” has variations, such as “old gold” or “web gold”. And, on the other hand, the color “sunset” is curious, which, as you can see below, first originated -as a color- in English and responds to the translation of the English word “sunset”.

This color receives its name in Spanish by translation of the English “sunset”, a word that in that language calls a sunset, but which has also been the name of a color since 1916. Thus, the color “sunset” or “occasion” is a pale orange hue, like the light of the sun through the clouds at the end of the day, when it is hiding in the sunset or sunset.
It is a mineral, usually yellow, orange or reddish in color, used since prehistory as a pigment for both artistic and body painting. At the same time, “ochre” is the name of a yellowish color that can have different shades, reaching orange-yellow, and that varies according to the process followed to obtain the pigment. Thus, we have yellow ocher, golden ocher, brown ocher or red ocher.
As a color, it is a strong orange yellow reminiscent of the precious mineral. The gold color is standardized, for example, due to its composition in CMYK, the proportions are 10, 25, 85, 0. But there are other mixtures to compose the “web gold” colors (a brighter hue used in web and application design) or “old gold” (shades darker than the standard).
It is also called “mauve” color, it is a color of the violet range, similar to lilac. It gets its name from the colors of the flowers of some orchids and mallows.
It takes its name from the color of the green olives, that is, they have not yet matured. It is a yellowish green. Thus it is also called “olive green” and even “olive” or “olive green”. A darker green is called “camouflage green.”
It is a blue, purple color. It gets its name from some lichens from which the Phoenicians already obtained purple dyes.

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Foods and foods that start with “o”

As with the letter “i” ( Foods and meals that start with “i” ), you will surely run into difficulties if you try to make a list of foods and meals that start with the letter “o”. And it seems that there is not so much “food with o” in Spanish.

Racking our brains and digging a little here and there we have managed to list the following foods, foods that begin with “o” and that -as you will see- are sometimes names of foods that Spanish has borrowed from other languages.

  • Ocumo: It is one of the many common names given to the fruit of the tropical species Xanthosoma sagittifolium, a tuber with a dark brown rind and white or yellow pulp. Among other names, the ocumo is also known as aro, bore, camacho, chonque, macabo, mafafa, scratcher, taioba or yautía.
  • Dried apricots: pieces of fruit dehydrated by heat, usually leaving them exposed to the sun. The most common are apricot dried apricots, but they can also be made with, for example, peach, apple or peach.
  • Olive: fruit of the olive tree, also called olive. They are eaten whole after being marinated in a multitude of dressings. And of course with them the precious olive oil is made.
  • Okra: fruit of the tropical plant Abelmoschus esculentus , of African origin. It receives other names such as okra, abelmosco or ñajú.
  • Oca: names both an edible bird and the tuber of a plant.
  • The bird, also known as a goose or goose, is found in the wild and also in domestic breeds raised as poultry.
  • The tuber is grown in the Andes, it is a traditional crop that replaces or complements the potato. It is also called papa oca or ibia.
  • Oregano: plant native to Mediterranean countries considered an aromatic herb highly appreciated as a condiment for multiple culinary applications.
  • Onoto: in Venezuela, achiote is called that. In the kitchen, this seed of Amazonian origin is used to season and color different preparations.

Begin with “O”

  • Otoe: in Panama this is the name given to the tuber of the Colocasia esculenta plant, commonly called taro although it receives many names in different countries, for example malanga, bituca, gandua, ñampí, edo…
  • On the other hand, otoe is also the name of a tribe of Native Americans who inhabited the current American Nebraska.
  • Wafer: typical dessert of some Latin American countries that is usually prepared with two thin cookies filled with some sweet. It is also the name of the very thin sheet of unleavened bread or made with flour, salt and water.
  • Okara: soybean pulp, used wet or dry in soups, pastas, breads, cereals…
  • Osobuco: dish based on beef cut from the shank with bone and marrow. That type of court is also called that.
  • Oyster: highly appreciated marine mollusc with a high economic cost. On the other hand, some species produce the also expensive pearls.
  • Oysters: they are also marine molluscs, related to oysters, easier to obtain thanks to their high fertility, oyster farming can be carried out or they can also be found in abundance in their natural habitat.
  • Ocopa: typical Peruvian dish made with a spicy sauce based on huacatay, peanuts and mirasol chili served on boiled potatoes.
  • Onigiri / Omusubi: Japanese dish consisting of a stuffed rice ball or triangle, sometimes wrapped in nori seaweed.
  • Sheep: although it is more common for milk and wool to be obtained from sheep, in some places they are also eaten in different preparations, such as sheep stew.

The 6 most well-known colors that begin with O

Probably the most popular color starting with O is the color gold. However, there are many other colors that also begin with the letter O, such as Olive or Ocher.

Next we are going to analyze in detail the colors that start with O and we will give you the numerical graphic codes to create them (in HEX, RGB and CMYK values) in case you need to reproduce them in any printed or graphic material

Best known colors with the O

1. Color Gold

Probably the color Gold is the best known color that begins with the O of this entire list. It is a historically popular color in decorative elements that seek to provide luxury and distinction.

The gold color is a very dark brownish yellow with high saturation and low luminosity.

The Gold color has the following values:

  • RGB: 177 138 35
  • CMYK: 0 22 80 31
  • HEX: #b18a23

2. Color Ocher

Ocher Color is the name given to iron oxide. As with many other colors, the color ocher is one of the colors that start with O whose name derives from natural elements such as stones and minerals in this case.

The color ocher has historically been used as a pigment for artistic and body painting.

The Ocher color is obtained with the following values:

  • RGB: 205 119 34
  • CMYK: 0 42 83 20
  • HEX: #cd7722

3. Olive color

Here we meet another representative of the natural elements. The color Olive gets its name from the food of the same name. As you can see it is a high intensity dark green.

It is a widely used color in many flags of different countries.

The Olive color has the following values:

  • RGB: 27 73 29
  • CMYK: 63 0 60 71
  • HEX: #1b491d

4. Orchid Color

In this list, representative colors of the flowers could not be missing, such as the beautiful orchid color. It is a pink of high saturation and luminosity, widely used in festive environments and decoration.

The Orchid color can be achieved with the following values:

  • RGB: 211 108 206
  • CMYK: 0 49 2 17
  • HEX: #d36cce

5. Sunset Color

Sunset Color refers to the orange tones that appear in the sky at sunset, hence its name.

It is a color that begins with the letter O, widely used in Eastern religious environments.

The Sunset color has the following values:

  • RGB: 252 111 1
  • CMYK: 0 56 100 1
  • HEX: #fc6f01

6. Color Orcella

To close this list with the most representative O colors, we find the Orcela color. It is a type of dark blue that provides positive tones since it is the color of infinity, dreams and wonder. It symbolizes the eternal and immortal truth.

Orcela color is a combination of the following values:

  • RGB: 37 32 111
  • CMYK: 67 71 0 56
  • HEX: #25206f

We hope that in this post you have found the main colors that start with O that you were looking for.


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