English Alphabet

english alphabet

English Alphabet, One of the biggest advantages when learning English is starting at an early age. Children who start learning a foreign language or second language from an early age will do so with less effort. Educational cards to learn the letters of the alphabet in English . It is a mega-post with a coloring sheet with each of the letters of the alphabet, and a word in English for each of the letters. Learn English vocabulary while coloring fun pictures and letters.

However, teaching English to young children requires the use of other techniques and strategies to capture the child’s attention. Educational image and sound resources are some of the most powerful resources for teaching.

Some of these techniques to teach English to young children is the use of songs, as in the case of learning the alphabet. As for the visual, in the case of the alphabet we would use the visual cards, with drawings and colors, to teach the letters in English to the little ones.

English alphabet letters

Children’s worksheets to print with the letters. With these printable educational resources, children learn English letters, vocabulary and pronunciation in a fun way

English alphabet with pictures

Below you can view and download these printable vocabulary worksheets with the English alphabet . In these sheets you will find the letters with pictures, their pronunciation and also a vocabulary word as an example to learn.

The colorful and striking drawings make it easier to assimilate and learn vocabulary in other languages. With these cards children learn the alphabet and vocabulary in English in a fun way.

These are the English vocabulary words that we learn with these flashcards:

Note: The pronunciation corresponds to the phonetic sounds in Spanish (pronunciation for Spanish-speaking children).

Dd( gave )dogDog
ANDand( i )ElephantElephant
Gg( yi )giraffeGiraffe
Jj( hee )JamMarmalade
Lhe( the )LionLion
Nn( in )NestNest
Pp( pi )PigPig
yess( it is )StarStar
vv( saw )vultureVulture
Ww( dabliu )whaleWhale
Xx( ex )xylophoneXylophone

english lyrics

In addition to the printable sheets with drawings, vocabulary and pronunciation, here are more educational resources. Colorable chips of each of the letters of the English alphabet.

All these cards have a drawing to color the letter and also a vocabulary word to learn and write (dotted lines to review the writing). With these letter worksheets, children learn English vocabulary in a fun way while colouring.

Here are some tips to help children memorize the alphabet, and then the link to the PDF to download all the cards.

How to memorize the alphabet in English

Next we will see tricks to memorize the alphabet in English and its pronunciation. The English alphabet is made up of 26 letters in total (5 vowels + 21 consonants). On this website you can learn more about this alphabet.

Unlike the Spanish alphabet, in this alphabet we find neither the letter “Ñ” nor the letter “Ch”. With these simple steps we can help children to memorize the English alphabet in an effective way.

Tips for teaching the English alphabet to children

Follow these tips for children to better learn and memorize the English alphabet:

  1. Pronounce the letters in English
  2. Helps the child to memorize the pronunciation of each of the letters in English
  3. Have the child recite all of them in a row. It can be in the form of a song
  4. Use a recorder to record the child’s voice saying the alphabet, with the aim of correcting possible pronunciation mistakes

Nowadays, English has become essential for our daily and work life. Learning English is therefore basic for children.


The following pdf booklet includes the letter cards in English, the complete alphabet with vocabulary (one word for each letter and a drawing) and cards of all the letters with calligraphy.

You will find the PDF below. This PDF notebook includes the printable material that you have seen on the page:

Other resources to learn English for free

In our section of worksheets and material to learn English you will find many printables for children. We recommend some more pdf books with basic English , such as the verb To be , the days of the week or numbers.