Everything you know about your pet with the iNetPet app


The iNetPet app, Nowadays, the well-known applications have opened up a whole world of possibilities for which only
a mobile phone is needed.

Everything you need to know about your pet with the iNetPet app

 Of course, animals and their care have not been left out of this boom. This is how iNetPet was born, a free and unique
application worldwide whose main objective is animal welfare and peace of mind for caregivers. Its contribution is based
on allowing the storage of essential information for the care of the animal and facilitating its identification at all times,
interconnecting the keepers with the professionals linked to their care, such as veterinarians, trainers, hairdressers
or accommodation managers, regardless of the place where they are.

What is iNetPet?

iNetPet is a free application accessible from anywhere in the world thanks to its availability in different languages, up to
a total of 9, which facilitates its use in a good number of countries. Basically, it allows you to keep, in one place, 
all the information related to pets , such as your next visits to the veterinarian or your medical history. This means that,
once we have registered our animal, we can store all its important data in the application, which is stored in the cloud.

It is a great help for health control, as it allows access to a large amount of relevant information easily and quickly,
wherever you are. But this application is not limited only to veterinary clinics, since it is also designed for hairdressers,
nurseries or training centers. Thus, it is divided into four basic areas, which are health, beauty, education and identification .

iNetPet app

The identification is based on a QR code that is created immediately at the time of registration and that the
animal will carry on its collar. It is useful, for example, if you get lost, since from any QR code reader application
it is possible to access the name and telephone number of the caretaker, so you will be notified immediately of the whereabouts of your animal.

The application includes a calendar where you can have different scheduled appointments at hand, maps with the location
of services for animals, options for uploading photos, etc. In short, the main objective of iNetPet is the well-being of the animals and the peace of mind of their keepers.

How to register in iNetPet?

Registration in the application is very simple. You just have to complete the animal’s profile by filling in its basic data, that is, those related to its name, species, date of birth, color, breed or sex. Likewise, it is possible to add more information, for example, about treatments, uploading it in PDF.

As we move forward, with the registration a QR code is automatically generated, unique for each animal, and all those registered are sent a metal medal with this code to place on the collar. The registration is completed with the introduction of the caregiver’s basic data , which includes their identification document, their address or their telephone number.

Advantages of registering with iNetPet

As we have explained, the greatest benefit of this application for caregivers is that it allows you to store all the information related
to veterinary treatments, vaccinations, diseases, surgical interventions, etc., in one place, so that we will always carry with us all the relevant data for the care of the animal, which we can easily access at any time and from any place. This usefulness makes an important difference if, for example, the animal suffers an emergency during a stay abroad. In these cases, the veterinarian we go to will be able
to quickly consult all the essential information to attend to it. In this way, the quality of care is improved, since the professional will have much-needed data for diagnosis and treatment. Thus, having to go to the vet abroad will no longer be a problem.

In relation to the previous point, iNetPet allows the interconnection between caregivers and professionals in real time , which
means that it is possible to talk to any professional who is in the app regardless of the place. Thus, we can contact both veterinarians and trainers, hairdressers, residences, nurseries… This service is really beneficial when, for example, the animal is staying in a residence
or nursery, since it allows us to know its status at all times.

Advantages of iNetPet for professionals

Veterinarians can also access this application for free. In this way they have the option of registering the medical records of their patients . Thus, they can write down services, treatments or hospitalizations or consult the medical history of an animal. This allows, for example, to find out if you have any allergies, which will prevent potentially serious problems.

In the same way, hairdressers or pet shop professionals also have the possibility of taking advantage of the functionalities of
this application, which also offers the option of adding the prices of each procedure carried out. This keeps the caregiver informed at all times.

Professionals who manage nurseries or centers dedicated to training are other beneficiaries of the use of iNetPet, since they
can write down, in addition to services and prices, the evolution of the animal in their charge , promoting, improving and speeding up communication with the caregiver, that you will be able to see what is being done in real time through the application. In this way, maximum well-being is achieved for the animal and trust between professionals and caregivers is reinforced.

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