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How to behave on a first date? It is said to be “the first impression that matters” and for this reason first dates make us so nervous. But if you think that the saying refers only to the first visual impact … you are very wrong! There are many details of our behavior that, without being aware, speak of us; how we are, what we want, what we like, etc.


Body language, appearance and tone of voice are a clear example of the fact that there are things as important, or more, as important as what we say or our physical appearance. They are, in fact, gestures that send a series of messages that the brain processes even if we are not aware of them. If you want to know what to do on a first date , keep reading this OneHowTo article. We will give you useful tips on how to behave, what to expect and what to talk about on the first date. Not to be missed!

How to behave on a first date: useful tips

No matter how different we are from each other, there are feelings and emotions that are universal. We share some details that, in general, almost everyone likes or dislikes. What we usually look for on a first date is to know if we can trust the other person or, conversely, we see behavior that triggers an alarm signal in us. Therefore, there are some simple guidelines that will help us generate an atmosphere of trust and “good vibes” that will make our first date an unforgettable evening. These are our first date tips :

Preparaion For Perfect Date

  • Preparation : An appointment starts long before the appointed time. It is important to feel good in our skin, which involves preparation.
  • Settle down and make yourself beautiful, without exaggerating : putting on make-up or hitting us too much can make us appear artificial and can generate distrust, that’s why we recommend choosing clothes that favor you but with which you feel comfortable. If there is something about our outfit that makes us uncomfortable (even if it is our shoes) it could confuse the other person and lead them to think that we feel that way because of their presence.

Be aware of body language 

  • There are times when attitude, posture and gestures show a lot of what we feel. This is especially evident when we talk about negative feelings such as insecurity, anxiety or boredom. The key is therefore naturalness, try to be yourself, be honest and calm.
  • Choose a suitable place – it is best to choose a public place for the first date. It will make us feel more confident and make it easier to finish the appointment quickly if it’s not going well. Most dating service portals recommend having a first date at a restaurant, not only because the way you eat says a lot about a person, but because it naturally limits the length of the appointment. Wherever it is, try to make sure it is a pleasant place that allows you to converse without distraction.

Show interest

  • A key aspect of a first date is knowing how to listen. Our interest must be real and, in a conversation, it will provide us with a lot of essential information about the other person. Show that you are paying attention with good eye contact, because not looking at the other person can make them feel that you are absent.
  • Breathe: Do you feel anxious thoughts are about to assault you? Take a deep breath and encourage yourself by continuing to tell yourself that you can handle this moment.
  • Smile : Not to be confused with a hysterical laugh generated by nervousness. Make humor without exaggerating, smile with the person in front of you, in order to create a situation of well-being and familiarity for both of you.

What to do on the first date

As we have already mentioned, choosing the perfect place for the appointment can be decisive. It is preferable to choose a public place, because we will have to keep in mind that there is a possibility that the appointment will not go so well. If everything goes smoothly, you can “take the appointment elsewhere”, but if you don’t feel comfortable, you can always end the appointment in a softer way.

It must be a neutral and peaceful place that promotes tranquility and the feeling of well-being. It is important to be able to converse because after all, only then will you get to know the other person well. Avoid places with low light, excessively loud music, too many people or too much noise. Keep in mind that the center of attention should be you , not something from the environment.

If you are a very nervous person, a walk in the park will always be a relaxing option; If you don’t want the appointment to be very long, you can invite for a coffee in a nice place. However, if you have high expectations, you can make a dinner invitation.

How to behave on a first date

The purpose of a first date is to check if the feeling someone is giving you is really good. For this, we need to find out who that person really is and how they behave in certain situations. In this case, the best thing we can do is listen, start a conversation, and maintain a relaxed atmosphere, even if our nerves can betray us at times.

What should we do if our nerves play a trick on us? Try to stay calm and think that everything is under control. Be resourceful, positive and interesting, strike up a fun conversation, ask questions and listen carefully, laugh at yourself, make jokes but don’t overdo it. The key is to know where the limit lies.

What to talk about on the first date

On a first date, there is an exchange of views, mainly to find points in common with the other person. Try to show interest and express yourself naturally, as this will build trust. Don’t pretend, because even if you don’t believe it, it always shows, so talk about what you know and learn what you don’t know . Also, if the relationship starts with sincerity, we can always be ourselves. Keep these first date tips in mind:

Do not forget about education

  • courtesy and kindness open many doors. For example, you can start a conversation by praising the place chosen if you are the guest and, if you are “the organizer”, you can comment on the reason that led you to choose it.

Avoid controversial issues

  • even if they seem like everyday topics, talking about politics, religion or football can end up in an argument. Most likely, a discussion means the end of the date.

Don’t talk about your past relationships

  • Marital failures and love disappointments are not suitable topics for a first date. Among other things, they can cause the feeling that we live anchored in the past or that we have not yet moved on from a previous relationship.

Share Your Expectations

  • A good way to consider a possible relationship is to know if that person will have a place in your lifestyle. Therefore, one way to make a good impression is to let the other person know that you will have time for them and that you are willing to make plans for the future, even if that plan is simply going out for coffee or going to the movies.

Prepare Some Neutral Questions

  • To avoid awkward silences, you can prepare a series of neutral questions that will lead to pleasant conversations. For example: what would you do if you won the lottery? What is the trip of your dreams?

What to expect from a first date

The answer to this question will always depend on your expectations about the other person. It won’t be the same if your first date is just for fun (or casual sex) and with no pretensions for the future than dating someone you care about or think you might be in a relationship with.

In any case, we must not forget that a first date is only a first contact. It is better not to create too many expectations but to be realistic and think about having fun. Hopefully, there are very likely a second and a third.

How did your first date go to you? Let us know in the comments! Until next time!

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