I Can’t Take Care of my Dog, where can I take it?

I can't take care of my dog, where can I take it?
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I can’t take care of my dog, where can I take it? At AnimalWised we always promote responsible animal ownership. Having a dog is not mandatory, but if you choose to live with one, you must guarantee the necessary care throughout your life.

The problem arises when there is a change in our vital circumstances that seriously affects the commitment acquired with our dog. In these cases, where can I take my dog? Keep reading this AnimalWised article and you will find different solutions.You may also be interested in: How to take a dog to the snow?Index

Responsible Ownership of my dog

As we have advanced, when we make the decision to add a dog to our home, we must be aware that we are committed to offering him the necessary care throughout his life. Sharing a home with a dog is a highly rewarding experience, but it also means fulfilling a series of obligations and responsibilities that go beyond basic care.

Obligations of dog

With these cares we refer to food, regular and emergency veterinary assistance, if applicable, hygiene, also collecting stools on public roads, exercise and play. In addition, socialization and education are important, both essential for the welfare of the dog and a successful coexistence at home and in the neighborhood.

We have to comply with the obligations that are set for us at a legal level, such as registering the dog in the corresponding town hall, microchipping it or taking out civil liability insurance. Sterilization to avoid uncontrolled breeding and diseases such as breast tumors is another highly recommended practice . We refer to all of this when we speak of responsible ownership .

As we can see, although having a dog is very rewarding, it entails a series of obligations that will last for years. That is why it is so important that, before thinking about adopting, we reflect in depth about our living conditions, schedules, possibilities, economic capacity, hobbies, etc. All this will allow us to assess whether we are at the right time to incorporate a dog into the family. Of course, it is essential that all components of the home agree and that none suffer from allergies to dogs.

Adoption of dog

It is important that we look for an animal that adapts to our living conditions. For example, if we do not have experience with dogs, it will be more advisable to adopt an adult specimen before a puppy that we should educate from scratch. Similarly, if we enjoy a sedentary life, it is not a good idea to opt for a very active dog.

Once the decision is made, the best option is adoption . There are many dogs of all ages and conditions that spend their days waiting for a home in shelters and kennels. Without a doubt, look for your new partner in these centers and let yourself be advised.

But, even when the decision to adopt is considered and all the necessary conditions are met, sudden setbacks can arise that lead you to not be able to take care of your dog, either occasionally or forever. In the following sections we explain alternatives to both options.

Dog Daycare

Sometimes, our obligations or any unforeseen event force us to spend many hours or even days away from home. A dog is not a cat that can stay a few days just leaving enough food, water and sand. Thus, if our problem is temporary or is limited to a few hours or days a week, it can be solved by looking for an alternative for the animal during that period.

For example, there are those known as daycare centers for dogs . These are centers where you can leave the canine for a few hours. At that time they are supervised by professionals and can interact with other dogs. There are different prices and many offer deals for regular customers.

Another option is to hire a dog walker who comes to our home in our absence. In any case, whenever we choose to go to professional services,
it is important that we check the references to ensure that we leave our dog in the best hands. Of course, there is always the option of looking for
a family member or friend who can take care of the dog temporarily,
either by moving it to your home or coming to ours.

Where can I deliver my dog? protective vs. kennels

The responsible ownership that we mentioned at the beginning of the article also involves understanding that the dog that
enters the house becomes one more member of the family and as such,
getting rid of it should not even be considered as an option.

Only in very specific cases, such as an irreversible illness, could one think of looking for a new home. The first option should be to ask trusted family and friends if anyone can take care of our dog. We can also discuss it with the veterinarian, since you will meet many people who love animals.

protectors of dog

But what if I can’t take care of my dog ​​anymore and I have no one to turn to? In that case, animal shelters are the best alternative. 
In the shelters they take care of the animals until they are adopted and many have shelters in
which the dogs can integrate until they find another permanent home. The protectors are not only concerned with basic care,
but also manage responsible adoptions with contract, monitoring, microchipping and sterilization, in such a way that
they seek to ensure that the dog is always well cared for.

But keep in mind that the protectors are usually saturated. This means that we do not count, except for a miracle, that a house will appear overnight. In fact, it is common for them to start spreading our case while the dog is still with us.


Unlike shelters, many kennels are just “parking lots”
where dogs remain for the days required by law before their sacrifice,
they do not receive the necessary attention and are delivered to anyone who requests them without any guarantee.

Therefore, before delivering our dog, we must make sure of the way each center works. We must ensure his well-being,
although we can no longer take care of him, it is still our responsibility and obligation.