Is it bad for my puppy to have a dry nose?

Is it bad for my puppy to have a dry nose?
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Is it bad for my puppy to have a dry nose?There are some aspects of our puppies that we still do not know, some even worry us, as is the case of a dry nose. It is very common for us to ask ourselves if it is bad for a puppy to have a dry nose, since the popular conception is that dogs should always have a somewhat moist nose and that a dry and hot nose means a sick nose.

The reality is that in most cases the reasons for a dry nose have nothing to do with your pup’s health. Most of the time you won’t have to worry too much. Continue reading this AnimalWised article to answer your question: Is it bad for my puppy to have a dry nose ?You may also be interested in: Caring for a rottweiler puppy

Why does my puppy have a dry nose?

A fully healthy puppy’s nose can vary during the day, from wet to dry up to several times. There are a few times when you should be concerned if your dog has a dry nose, such as a chronic dry nose accompanied by cracks, scabs, or sores , but most of the time it doesn’t have to be a problem. Here we explain why puppies can have a dry nose:

  • If your puppy’s nose becomes dry during sleep, it’s totally normal. When the little one takes his naps he stops licking his nose, this makes the moisture stop in the nasal area. To give you peace of mind, look at the nose 10 minutes after he wakes up. You will see how it returns to its normal state.
  • There are dogs that are allergic to plastic, other materials and even certain foods. Maybe your pup is one of them and his nose gets sore and dry when he plays with plastic toys, eats from his food bowl or drinks from the water fountain. Allergy to some material or food can be expressed through allergic reactions, in this case dry nose. Check with your vet if you notice his dry nose on a daily basis.
  • Puppies with pink or paler noses are more sensitive to sunburn. If your pup likes to bask in the sun, his nose may become dry to the point of burning. Be careful with this, because if it is too often it can lead to skin conditions and even cancer. You must be attentive to the signs of the skin: red nose or in the process of peeling. In these cases, remember to apply sun creams recommended by the veterinarian.

Is it bad for my puppy to have a dry nose?

  • If your puppy is too close to a heat source or lives in a room with poor air circulation, a dry nose is normal. This often happens during the winter season, when dogs love to stay near heating or places where the temperature is maintained. Hot air can not only dry out your pup’s nose but crack it as well. You can apply some petroleum jelly, shea butter, coconut or olive oil to help moisten and moisturize it at the same time.
  • Your puppy does not drink enough . Like people, when an animal does not have enough fluids in the body, it becomes dehydrated, starting with the nasal area and passing through the kidneys and other body systems. The problem is that if you don’t hydrate, you can go into shock. It is very important that your puppy drinks water. Have a fresh, clean water source available for your dog at all times.
  • There are some health problems that can cause your dog’s nose to dry out, such as a lowered defenses. It can also occur in puppies suffering from parvovirus or distemper .

A dry nose is not always an indication of disease

In any case, remember that a dry nose is not always an indication of disease, however, if it occurs frequently and you notice other signs that accompany a dry nose (such as flaking or redness) , go to the vet immediately.