Is there pet insurance?

Is there pet insurance?

Is there pet insurance? Pets, mainly dogs and cats, more than pets today are considered members of families ,
since the affection and importance they have for families, for couples or single people,
is such that many people see them practically as children (hence the terms ‘perrrhijo’ or ‘gathijo’).
That is why all animal guardians (at least those responsible) are always looking for the best care
they can provide to their dogs, cats or any other animal they have as a companion,
such as excellent nutrition, veterinary care, a good place to live and much more.

However, as happens with any living being, no matter how careful they are,
this does not make them immune to risks that can affect them, such as diseases, accidents,
attacks from other animals or even bad intentions from third parties. Given this, we can take many measures to
protect our furry friends, such as always keeping them at home and
watching them, walking them on a leash, etc., but nothing is a guarantee and
we must be prepared for any unforeseen situation. In this sense, there are services that can help us deal with these emergency situations: pet insurance.

Yes, you read that right, pet insurance has been
a reality for several years and, in fact, such is the importance of animals for the new generations
that multiple insurers in Latin America and the world offer these protections
that help us take care of them. our pets in case of accidents, illnesses or any unwanted but possible event. Keep reading and discover in this AnimalWised article what pet insurance covers .
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What is pet insurance and how does it work?

Pet insurance are policies that are marketed by various insurance companies,
which have coverage and assistance to respond for veterinary expenses,
burial, vaccines and others in case our 4-legged friends require it.

According to the company Save Insurance, given the preference of young people to have pets instead of children,
in Mexico more and more insurers and banks offer this insurance for those who always seek the best care
for their animal companions. For this reason, insurers such as Mapfre, Sura or BBVA offer insurance
mainly for dogs and cats, which offer coverage such as:

  • veterinary consultations
  • telephone service
  • Esthetic
  • surgeries
  • Animal care stays
  • Funeral expenses
  • Compensation for accidental death
  • Legal assistance
  • Civil liability for damages caused by our pet to third parties
  • Assistance in case of loss or theft
  • Guidance for traveling with pets
  • Discounts in establishments
  • Hospitalization

Success of pet insurance in Latin America

According to the site , in South American countries such as Chile, pet insurance is increasingly accepted and in demand , as it is already marketed by the most renowned companies, such as:

  • Falabella Insurance
  • Consortium
  • Sura

Likewise, the site reports that in Peru, insurers such as La Positiva already have insurance for dogs and cats, which, in addition to providing the previously mentioned coverage, are an important source of support for the economy of families, since Expenditures on medical services, civil liability and funeral expenses can be quite high, often exceeding the average income of the population.