Landscaping and Design: Basic Tips

Landscaping and Design

Lalbagh Garden - IndiaLandscaping and Design, When a new landscape is developed, things change. THE design of the garden is a creation process, the development plan: so
that everything goes right when it comes to controlling planting, nutrition and disease prevention in your plants.

Lalbagh Garden – India

Landscaping and Design

In some cases, people buy houses that already have gardens formed, but that do not look good (ill, damaged or faded plants)
or are not to their liking. This is a good time to revive your garden, remodeling the space and focusing on the plants, bedding
and objects you are going to acquire.

Garden owners began to get incredibly involved in creative projects during the 20th century and at this same time there was a
considerable expansion in the professional field of gardening. Specifically, education in the art of design creation emerged from
ancient training traditions and most landscape designers are trained in horticulture and landscaping. Over the years, the most
well-known landscape designers have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge about plants, their habits and their needs.

Basic Tips

Most importantly, the landscapers have focused on building an outdoor space that is not only beautiful to look at, but is also
easy to maintain and meets the needs of residents. That’s why, key elements of a landscape design include the natural shape
of the land and plantation design, water attractions like fountains, ponds, lighting, sculptures and gardening tools.

As home and garden renovation has become the favorite task these days, more people want to recreate their gardens looking
for possible ideas that will enchant their living spaces. If you are convinced to redesign your little green world, you will need to
take a few steps to have the garden of your dreams.

Mughal Garden - India
Mughal Garden – India

The first thing you should do is take a good look at your current space, analyzing it so you can make improvements to your
lifestyle.If, for example, you want to hide the walls of your garage, plant bushes, but make sure that once they are fully grown
they will not obstruct the access area you want to hide.

Landscaping and Design

It is important to beautify the landscape in conjunction with the size of your home, as well as its style and structure. If you are
planning to create a landscape in an open area, keep in mind that the trees are big in structure, and they cast greater shadows,
the bushes grow faster and are more compact, and if you have any plants that are planted in a pot small, you will have to
transplant it into a large container.

Remember that landscaping should only serve to enhance your home, plants and trees should be in scale and balance with each
other, as well as your home, and not just to draw attention from afar! Spend your money wisely planning the types of shrubs and
trees you want to put in conjunction with your home type.

Text and Photos: Christiane Calderan

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