Long love messages for your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Friend

Long love messages
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Long love messages for your girlfriend

Long love messages . I cannot even explain what you make me feel, because I have realized that this
love is so great that it is truly inexplicable to me.

From the day you arrived, you have gradually entered my heart, to the point that now it is all yours and
each beat carries your name.

With the passage of time, you were stealing my thoughts and now you are the only thing that haunts my
mind and in my subconscious, because even in my dreams I have you presen

I have no idea how it happened, but you took over my love and you have made me feel things so intense that not even the longest love letter could contain them.

Because what I feel for you has no explanation, and it is that emotion is stronger than reason.

Love you

Love messages for your girlfriend

I want to become a brush, to paint your gray days with the warmest and brightest colors, and thus be able to cheer you up at every sunrise.

I want to become a brush, to draw a beautiful smile on your face that does not fade over time and that not even the wind will be able to erase it.

I wish to become a brush, to write with indelible ink the most romantic words that ignite the flame of passion in you and keep you always in love with me.

I want to become a brush, to paint your heart with the tincture of my love and write my name on it, so that it is only mine and no one else can steal it.

To spend my days painting your life with colors of joy that evoke the wonderful feeling of love, I wish to become a brush that walks gently over the canvas of your heart.

Long love messages for your boyfriend

I am in love with everything in you, with your lips, your eyes and the sound of your voice, which makes my skin crawl when you whisper in my ear those two words that I like so much: “I love you”.

And there is not a man in this world who can equal you, because not only are you handsome, but you also have a heart of gold that makes me love you more every day, and makes me dream of being yours for the rest of my life

I confess, I am in love, and I am not ashamed or sorry or admit it, because there is no reason to feel self-conscious when it comes to showing love, which is such a pure and divine feeling that everything in the world should be impregnated with it. As is my heart, which knew that intense emotion the moment it found you.

I love you my love.

Long love messages for your boyfriend

All people dream of finding true love and very few manage to make that dream a reality. For this reason,
I feel very lucky, because by your side I have found that wonderful feeling that makes my heart beat stronger and that stops my whole world.

You are my soul mate, my other half, the man who makes me feel like the most special woman and who shows me, with each passing day, that I deserve to be loved and valued, with my strengths and weaknesses.

You are everything I used to see in movies and love books, that prince who thought that he could only exist in fairy tales, and who is now my most beautiful reality

I was simply lucky to find and know true love, the one that many seek and that very few have the immense fortune to find.

I thank destiny for having joined our paths and for giving us the opportunity to truly love each other.

Love you.

Long love messages for your friend

Our friendship is the greatest treasure I have and that is why I keep it in the depths of my heart, where it
remains safe and where it will continue to grow, because the love we have for each other will never have an end.

I never thought that I would find a person that I could count on at all times, not only in the good
circumstances, but also in the worst situations, and who also cared to see me happy and to make me smile every day without exception.

Fortunately, life surprised me by putting you in my way and now I have the joy of sharing with you hundreds
of wonderful experiences, which have been the perfect ingredient for this valuable friendship that we have
today and that I know will last an eternity.

I want you to know that I will do everything possible to keep all your affection and your affection, giving you
all the love that you have sown in my heart and that you have earned with the simple fact of being who you are.

Because my greatest treasure is having you as a friend and for nothing in the world would I risk losing you.

Love messages for your friend

My friend…

I want to tell you that there is no one in the world that I trust more than you, because only you
have earned all my trust, to the point that my secrets are no longer secret, because I have revealed them to you.

You are the one who knows everything about me, from my dreams and desires, to my greatest fears, and
you have always supported me with the best advice to help me achieve each goal and overcome each fear.

That is why I consider you, more than a friend, a sister, and I want you to know that you will always
be in my heart, and that you can always find in me a confidant who will listen to you as long as it
takes and who will always wish the best. for you.

Because I know that I can count on you regardless of the circumstances, I want to remind you that
I can give you that same unconditional support when you need it. Just knock on my door and I will be there, ready to give you my love as a friend.